Jealous. Indifferent.

by Better Than

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released August 18, 2015

Produced by Jon Wyman and Better Than
Recorded and Mixed by Jon Wyman at The Halo Studio.



all rights reserved


Better Than Portland, Maine

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Track Name: Lest We Forget
Try my best to understand your thinking
When it comes to me now
You don't want to be understood
You want to be different
You want to be special

You expect so much from me
And I expect so little from you
Maybe I'm not being fair
But I've given you chances to prove me wrong

It became less about our differences
And more about
The growing indifference
and lest we forget it's always about me
Track Name: Everyone Else
I'm still in the shadow of a sardonic angel I know well
Ancillary hero in my own favorite tale

Everyone else thinks you were better off way before
Why can't you see you've become the thing that you hate most

How can I best disassociate myself with everything I've done
Self-induced paranoia suits me well enough
Track Name: Over It
I always seem to write about you
In the past tense, even at our best
And I'm over it

My favorite version of you
Is drenched in ink and remorse
And I'm over it

I'm over it

Run away while in place
You're running out of breath it seems
I was late, and you seemed mad

And I'm over it

It's not right
and it's not what I should be focused on
But you don't see just what your doing
Track Name: Just A Phase
I'll try my best not to
despise you
If you will try your best not to
See right through

Oh darling, this is just a phase
Someday I'll grow and
Oh darling this is just a cause
Someday I'll grow bored

Our trends follow a pedantic puzzle
Like a stranded tourist
You've never been one for ostentation
Or hyperbole
Track Name: Mutually Assured
We're considering losing ourselves
To some ideal we'd never have
Thought of without you

And I am your favorite distraction
And I am getting in too deep

Oh and yes, hooray for the liar
Who gets what he wants
But I have seen you at your worst
Its better off this way

And our story sounds just as bad
Regardless of context
Especially considering what comes next

And I am the cause of your inaction
And I am already far too involved
Track Name: Help Me
I'll be perfectly honest
I don't understand it
I don't know what he meant
I don't know why you use those colors

Lead me to the right and tell me
He's been missing you
I know I can't explain it the same way
But I miss you, more than I can

Help me, I've been scared
Help me, I've been lost
Help me, I've said things
I don't care to repeat now

I'm done lying to you
I'm just not that smart and
I've never felt quite so amazed
By the way such a simple brush stroke

Can evoke such heartfelt honesty
And make me see it clearer
And make me hear it louder
And make me wanna be there

Help me, I've been scared
Help me, I've been lost
Help me, I've said things
I don't care to repeat now
And that's all I am

All I am
Track Name: Where Do You Go?
So follow your false idols
Let me know just how that works out for you

Herald your latest
misappropriated masterpiece

Where do you go?
When it's obviously terrifying now
Where do you sleep?
When you can't identify with anyone?

So how can you let your whole identity
become so entrenched in someone

I still tend to believe in you
despite my best laid plans